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NSW Active Kids Program | $100 Rebate Voucher |

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All Junior Red Stars players,
are entitled to NSW Active Kids rebate program of $100 rebate voucher. Every child (4.5 – 18 years’ old) enrolled in the school from Kindergarten to Year 12 is eligible!
*Red Stars Players can use this voucher to pay for the annual registration fee at Bankstown Basketball Competitions which cost $90 per year!
*If you decide to pay the annual registration fee with this $100 voucher the remaining $10 will not be refundable!
*This voucher can not be used for your training fees, uniform fees or for any sports equipment!
*Vouchers can be redeemed with four simple steps:
  1. Visit sport.nsw.gov.au/activekids. Read the Guidelines and Fact Sheets to learn about the program.
  2. Visit service.nsw.gov.au and create or login to your MyServiceNSW Account.
  3. Complete an Active Kids application through your MyServiceNSW Account. You will receive a voucher with a unique ID number for each child you register (available to download, print and email).
  4. Redeem your voucher. 


Red Stars Grand Final Games Winter 2019 Bankstown Basketball Competition

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Good result from Red Stars junior teams on Friday night in Bankstown Basketball Winter 2019 Competation!
Thanks to all players and coaches on a excellent achievement !
Lets go make one more step together this Friday!
Also thank you to all players, parents and friends for your support !

Red Stars Basketball Club Grand Final Games for Winter 2019 Junior Bankstown Basketball Competition on Friday 27th of September 2019!

Congratulations to all Red Stars teams for making it to the Grand Finals Bankstown Friday Winter 2019 Basketball Competation!

Red Stars Friday Junior Games on 27/09/2019
Red Stars Boys U/12 at 6:30pm CT4  Vs  Southwest Hornets Stingers  >TEAM PHOTO< | RUNNERS UP !!!
Red Stars Boys U/18 at 8:30pm CT1  Vs  Obilic                                      >TEAM PHOTO< CHAMPIONS !!!
Red Stars Boys U/20 at 9:30pm CT8  Vs  Notorious Mayhem                 >TEAM PHOTO< | RUNNERS UP !!!
Red Stars Boys U/22 at 9:30pm CT1  Vs  Obilic                                      >TEAM PHOTO< | RUNNERS UP !!!

Good Luck to all Red Stars Teams !!!


Red Stars Semi-Final Games in Winter 2019 Junior Comp

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Red Stars Basketball Club Semi-Final Games for Winter 2019 Junior Bankstown Basketball Competition on Friday 20th of September 2019 ! Congratulations to all Red Stars teams for making it to the semi-finals Bankstown Friday Winter Comp 2019!

Seven out of eight Red Stars teams in this Winter 2019 competation made the semi-finals,which is a great success for all of our juniors and club !

Red Stars Friday Junior Games on 20/09/2019
Red Stars Boys U/12 at 5:30pm CT7  Vs  Notorious No Limits      >TEAM PHOTO<
Red Stars Boys U/16 at 7:30pm CT2  Vs  Prodigy                         >TEAM PHOTO<
Red Stars Girls U/16 at 6:30pm CT3  Vs  Aces Roses                   >TEAM PHOTO<
Red Stars Boys U/18 at 9:30pm CT1  Vs  Notorious Flamingos     >TEAM PHOTO<
Red Stars Girls U/18 at 9:30pm CT4  Vs  Lurchs Mavels               >TEAM PHOTO<
Red Stars Boys U/20 at 10:30pm CT3  Vs  Breadwinners             >TEAM PHOTO<
Red Stars Boys U/22 at 10:30pm CT1  Vs  On Fire Extreme         >TEAM PHOTO<

 Good Luck to all Red Stars Teams !!!