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Red Stars Boys U/12  at 5:30pm  CT6  Vs  On Fire Fever  ( DUTY Lacmanovic )  > TEAM <1.new
Red Stars Boys U/14     NO GAME |  BYE THIS FRIDAY       ( DUTY )  > TEAM <1.new
Red Stars Boys U/16  at 8:00pm  CT4  Vs  F.A.B Star Hornets  ( DUTY Tepsa )  > TEAM <1.new
Red Stars Girls U/16  at 5:30pm  CT1  Vs  F.A.B Star Diamonds   (  DUTY Mircetic )  > TEAM <1.new
Red Stars Boys U/18 at 8:50pm  CT2 Vs  Red Stars Magic (  DUTY Ozegovic )  > TEAM <1.new
Red Stars Magic Boys U/18 at 8:50pm  CT2  Vs  Red Stars    (  DUTY Golub )  > TEAM <1.new
Red Stars Girls U/18  at 8:50pm  CT4  Vs  Lurchs Nesian Queens   ( DUTY  Saric ) > TEAM <1.new
Red Stars Boys U/20 at 10:30pm  CT6  Vs  Notorious Originals ( DUTY Dukic )  > TEAM <1.new
Red Stars Div 1  TEAM DUTY |6:40pm CT1,7:45pm CT1 & CT2 ,8:50pm CT1 & CT2  TEAM PHOTO <1.new
Red Stars Div 2  at 9:55pm CT1  Vs  ACES Backboard Tappers   (  TEAM DUTY  ) > TEAM PHOTO <1.new
Red Stars Div 1-2  at 7:35pm  CT1  Vs  Slamina ( NO DUTY )  TEAM PHOTO <1.new
Red Stars Div 5   at 6:45pm  CT7  Vs  Westies  (  NO DUTY  )  > TEAM PHOTO <
 *Every team name is linked,if you click on Team name it will show youTeam Results,Next Game,Ladder!
  DUTY responsibilities....
 * Juniors if you see your surname appears in brackets for DUTY this means that you need to provide one person (friend, parent ...) to do this DUTY on score sheet or scoreboard!
 * Seniors if you see your name appear in brackets for DUTY you have to attend this at the time shown !
 * If the DUTY is not attended team will lose 3 competition points and receive a $30 fine !
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