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BEO painting service Red Stars new sponsors

Red Stars would like to thank BEO painting service for being one more new sponsor for our uniforms.
BEO painting service is officially main sponsor for Red Stars Women's team who are playing on Wednesday nights.
All Red Stars sponsors who are officially sponsors of the following teams.....
Boys u/14 Red Stars Magic   " Skopelja Solicitors "
Boys u/14 Red Stars Warriors  " Pecanac Dentist  " 
Boys u/12 Red Stars  " B.I.C. "
Girls u/16 Red Stars  " Lego Carpentry " 
Boys u/20 Red Stars  " D electric "
Girls u/20 Red Stars  " D electric "
Boys u/22 Red Stars  " Tesla Automotive "
Women's team Red Stars  " BEO painting service "
Women's team Red Stars  " Alkon "
Women's team Red Stars  " West Fest "
Men's team  Red Stars 1389  " Madera Kafe Restoran "
Men's team  Red Stars ultras  " D electric "  

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