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Red Stars Grand Final Games Summer 2019/2020 Bankstown Basketball Competition

Last updated 22 April 2020 !

The Red Stars junior teams on Friday night in Bankstown Basketball Summer 2019/2020 Competation!

The Bankstown Basketball Match Committee have decided that there will be no Semi Finals for the Summer 19/20 season and that the games played will be Grand Finals only. This means that based on the Semi Final working, only positions 1 and 2 for each division will play the Grand Finals

Due to all Red Stars junior teams having a good summer season ,unfortunately only one team didn't make it to the finals,that's the boys team U/16 who finished third.All other 8 teams were 1st or 2nd position before the games got postponed due to Covid-19 corona virus!

We are still hoping to be able to finalise the Summer 2019/2020 season in term 2 !

Red Stars Basketball Club Grand Final Games for Summer 2020 Junior Bankstown Basketball Competition on Friday 12th of June 2020!

Red Stars Friday Junior Games on 12/06/2020 
Red Stars Boys U/12 at 6:30pm CT7  Vs  SWH Stingers           > TEAM PHOTO <
Red Stars Boys U/14at 5:30pm CT1  Vs  TRIBE 14B                 > TEAM PHOTO <1.new
Red Stars Girls U/14at 5:30pm CT4  Vs  Spot on Ballers           > TEAM PHOTO <
Red Stars Girls U/16 at 7:30pm CT4  Vs  Notorious Rubies       > TEAM PHOTO <1.new
Red Stars Boys U/18 at 8:30pm CT1  Vs  Obilic                         > TEAM PHOTO <
Red Stars Girls U/18 at 8:30pm CT4  Vs  Obilic                          > TEAM PHOTO <
Red Stars Boys U/20at 9:30pm CT2  Vs  Notorious Mayhem     > TEAM PHOTO <

Red Stars Saturday Junior Game on 13/06/2020
Red Stars Boys U/11 at 11:10am CT6  Vs  On Fire Ninjas         > TEAM PHOTO <1.new

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