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Stay Active & Fit at Home 2021

As we currently unable to use the sporting venues its very important to keep staying active !
Regular exercise is essential for supporting healthy immune function, preventing weight gain which can impair immune function, boosting your mood and keeping you as healthy as possible during this challenging global pandemic!
With the world feeling a bit out of your control, now is the perfect time to take control of your health by building daily exercise into your schedule!
Let’s not forget to stay fit, stay active, stay strong and be active. We are all in this together!
You can still get off the couch and get in a killer workout at home!
Don’t limit your challenge! Challenge your limits!

If you like to start training in the backyard, there are a number of apps you can download to help you with your basketball skills. We recommend the HomeCourt App which is a fast and fun way for anyone to develop core basketball skills, from beginner to pro. 
The app is supported by the NBA and has also set up some workouts, drills, and challenges to help everyone to improve with fundamental skills and challenge themselves or friends. It was developed in the USA and is allowing any users to access free and full content until the end of April.

1.HomeCourt App Store download “HomeCourt-The Basketball App”.HomeCourt uses just your iPhone or iPad!
This app is a great series of Ball Handling Skill Drills and Agility Drills which can be done while at home!
See the website HOMECOURT  AA.click-arrow-left
2. Interval Timing App This is a great App to following your workout! Website  coreadvantage.com.au !
3. Following this links below you can find online FB or Website basketball coaches with great basketball drills which you can do at home !
* Ganon Baker Basketball
* Pro Basketball Training
* Tyler Relph Basketball Skills Training
* Jr. NBA
* I'm possible training
* Dr. Dish Basketball
* Paul Easton Basketball
* Effective Basketball
4. Fitness Equipment & Accessories 
* PTP have a number of Fitness Accessories www.ptpfit.com
* Hart Sport www.hartsport.com.au
5. Fitness Coaches Training Online
* 9 Minutes for Strength Training
* TRX Training
* My Bollywood Body
* Eric Leija
* Trainer Kami
* Michael Vazquez
6. Fitness APP Online
* Muscle booster fitness at home
* Free letics-Personal Trainer

#StayActive #StayStrong #NeverGiveUp #GoodVibesOnly #KeepMovingForward #EveryDayIsAnewBeginning #Hoop #StayPositive #BeActive #BeFit #NoExcuse
A positive mind will give you positive life!
Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Actions!
DO IT!!!




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