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Please note that due to our venue being an indoor sporting venue,the current COVID-19 guidelines still apply.
1/           All to enter via the Front Door. All to exit via the exit door on Court 1 (Lair End)
2/           If you are required to see your club official in the lair for registration or Lisa for Registration and ID, then entry to Venue will be allowed Approx. 5-10 Minutes prior to your game. Please do not arrive any earlier.
3/           Due to the seating space available in our venue, Each team will be eligible to have 1 x coach and then 1 x spectator per child ONLY. It is preferred that this spectator be over the age of 16.
4/           There will be sanitiser at the front door [please use this on entrance to the stadium].
5/           Players, coaches and the parents doing bench for the teams will be allowed to access the venue first.

6/           Spectators, Club Delegates and Coaches will be required to register via text.
SMS 0459 600 600 with the code word RTX followed by your full name and email address prior to entry.
7/           2 persons ONLY on the score bench at all times [social distancing].
8/           Hand Sanitiser and Wipes will be available on each Scorebench for all officials and Scorebench personal to utilise when necessary. We ask that the Scorebench personal santise and wipe down the bench and equipment after the game.
9/           Junior Competition Rules
*   Timeslots will be reduced to 19 Minute Halves.
*   There will be only 1 x 30 Second Timeout allocated per team, per half.
*   For now - Timeouts will not be permitted during that last minute of each half.
*   Half time will be reduced to 1 minute.
We will still have BSO officers located at the entrance of the stadium to assist with any enquires. I ask that you please communicate all information with your teams to prevent any issues at the entrance.
Kind Regards,
Christine Rosina
Junior Competitions Manager
Bankstown Basketball Association

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