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Red Stars Grand Final Games Winter 2023 Bankstown Basketball Competition

Congratulations to all Red Stars teams for making it to the Grand Finals Bankstown Friday & Saturday winter 2023 Basketball Competition!

Three of our Red Stars junior teams in this winter 2023 competition made it to the Grand Finals!

Thanks to all players and coaches on a excellent achievement !
Lets go make one more step together this Friday & Saturday !
Also thank you to all players, parents and friends for your support !

Red Stars Basketball Club Grand Final games for winter 2023 junior Bankstown Basketball Competition on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of  September 2023 !

Red Stars Friday Junior Games on 22/09/2023 
Red Stars Boys U/16  at 7:40pm CT2  Vs  Notorious pythons   
Red Stars Girls U/16at 6:40pm CT6  Vs  QBC Uproar              

Red Stars Saturday Junior Game on 23/09/2023 
Red Stars Boys U/15 at 12:10pm CT2  Vs  Notorious venom      

Good Luck to all Red Stars Teams !!!


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