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Bankstown Basketball Competition Winter 2020

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Monday Division 1 Team |  Last updated 25 Jun 2020 !

Email for Sharon ! Hi Guys
Here we go!
I have attached the following:
1/            Game Roster
2/            Duty Roster- wills send email with contact numbers for ladies to do your duty soon.
3/            Teampay            
Below are the Teampay team codes that you will require once you download the app.   Would you please confirm once you have joined Teampay so that I can note this on your team records, thank you!

image001  IMG 9787

Monday Division 1 Team |  Last updated 22 Jun 2020 !

Email from Bankstown .... Hi Milorad,
Thank you for your response in regards to the use of “Teampay” for the payment of game fees. Please be reassured that we have taken all our teams responses into account, the issues that you have raised are valid and understandable.
We have contacted several associations who utilise this payment method and the feedback has been constant with each association. The responses have been generally  - difficult to implement and get everyone “on board”, however, once in operation, has proven to be an exceptionally efficient and time saving way of accepting and processing game fees.
We acknowledge that paying game fees in advance is an issue through Teampay. We have addressed this with the developers and they are looking into this issue. In the meantime there are ways of still taking game fees in advance from your players by opening and crediting the funds to a team bank account (many teams already have this in operation) then in the week of the game, the captain will just tick one box that has this account attached and the whole game fee is debited to the one bank account.
Or as many teams will do, just process the game fee in the week of the game, only ticking the boxes of the players who will be playing. Should players that have had their accounts debited not turn up for the game, then you can leave them unticked for the following week and their account will not be debited. Some teams have a ruling that all players (injury excepted) pay for all games whether they turn up or not. This has resulted in players being more responsible in attending games.

One of the goals of this system is that when players enter the stadium, they are ready to play without the hassle of then getting payment from the players (resulting in the delay of starting games). Another goal is to reduce the handling of cash/manual credit card payments which are becoming exceptionally costly to the running of this association (which result in an increase in game fees to cover).

Please be reassured that you can have more than 1 person who can access the app to make the payment. This alleviates the issue if the captain is not available/cannot log on.
The security platform used is Stripe. This platform is the most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry.
If you require any further clarification on Teampay, please do not hesitate to call. I will be happy to discuss any issues.

Kind Regards
Jenny Hennessy
Accounts Manager
Bankstown Basketball Association

Monday Division 1 Team |  Last updated 17 Jun 2020 !

Hi Guys ,  Exciting News!

We are just waiting on the Council to allow our venue to open so we are expecting the comp to commence soon [ see below].
I need you to do 2 things for me please so that I can set the comp back up with amended dates and teams if required.
1/ Confirm that your team is entering by Monday 22nd July.
2/ Because of Covid-19 we are going cashless with game fees and are moving over to a new system-Teampay- I have attached some information to explain how this system will work.                 
Please watch the video [link below] as it helps to answer your questions.
Like everything it will take a few weeks to get use to but we have spoken to Associations who are using it and they are very happy.
Commence                         Last Round         Semi      Finals                          No. Of Rounds                              
Monday 6th July         12/10              19/10     26/10              14 plus 2 weeks finals

Warm Regards!
Sharon Harget
Senior Competitions Manager
Bankstown Basketball Association



Monday Division 1 Team |  Last updated 24 March 2020 !

Hi Teams  [Please pass this email onto all your team member].
As per Government instructions the stadium is now closed until further notice.
We are hopeful to run the winter competition however a reduced number of weeks may be required. I will keep you updated via email.
Please NO NOT renew or pay your personal registration at this stage. If you have recently  paid your rego,we are awaiting further advise  from Basketball NSW [our governing body] and will advise once we have the information.
Currently, we simply do not have the answers  to all your questions as the situation changes from day to day and week to week.  We are relying on the Government as to when we can open again.
Stadium  information will be updated on our Facebook page and the web site as required.
Take Care and Be Safe and I will see you back here  hopefully soon!
Below is a list of the teams that have are in Division 1 Men for the Winter Comp. Remember that more regrading may be done in the first few weeks of comp.
If you have any specific time requests please advise me.  I will do my best  to accommodate but may not always be possible. [depends on courts allocations and other teams requests].


Warm Regards!
Sharon Harget
Senior Competitions Manager
Bankstown Basketball Association





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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE | Last updated 24 March 2020 !

IMPORTANT NOTICE | Due to concerns over COVID-19 - CORONAVIRUS We have taken the precautionary measure of CANCELLING all Training sessions and Games until further notice!
Please stay safe in the meantime.
Your Red Stars Basketball Club 

IMG 5136

corona 20
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