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Red Stars Basketball Club - Items filtered by date: September 2022

Red Stars Grand Final Games Winter 2022 Bankstown Basketball Competition

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The three Red Stars junior teams in this winter 2022 competition made it to the Grand Finals!

Thanks to all players and coaches on a excellent achievement !
Lets go make one more step together this Friday !
Also thank you to all players, parents and friends for your support !

Red Stars Basketball Club Grand Final games for winter 2022 junior Bankstown Basketball Competition on Friday 23rd of September 2022 !

Congratulations to all Red Stars teams for making it to the Grand Finals Bankstown Friday winter 2022 Basketball Competition!

Red Stars Friday Junior Games on 23/09/2022

Red Stars Magic Boys U/14 at 5:30pm CT3  Vs QBC Vortex  >TEAM PHOTOCHAMPIONS !

Red Stars Boys U/14 at 6:40pm CT2  Vs  Notorious Eagles    >TEAM PHOTORUNNERS UP !

Red Stars Boys U/18 at 9:00pm CT2  Vs  Lurch's Lions          >TEAM PHOTO< RUNNERS UP !

Good Luck to all Red Stars Teams !!!



Red Stars Semi-Final Games in Winter 2022 Junior Comp

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Red Stars Basketball Club Semi-Final Games for Winter 2022 Junior Bankstown Basketball Competition is on Friday 16th of September 2022 ! Congratulations to all Red Stars teams for making it to the semi-finals Bankstown Friday Winter Comp 2022!

All eight Red Stars teams in this Winter 2022 competition made the semi-finals,which is a great success for all of our juniors and and club !

Red Stars Friday Junior Games on 16/09/2022
Red Stars Boys U/12 at 5:30pm CT7  Vs  QBC Jets                           >TEAM PHOTO<1.new
Red Stars Boys U/14 at 6:30pm CT2  Vs  Lurch's Bollermakers        >TEAM PHOTO<1.new
Red Stars Magic Boys U/14 at 6:30pm CT5  Vs SCBC Genesis       >TEAM PHOTO<1.new
Red Stars Boys U/16 at 7:30pm CT2  Vs F.A.B Star Cornhuskers    >TEAM PHOTO<1.new
Red Stars Phoenix Boys U/16 at 8:30pm CT5 Vs Lurch's Rockets  >TEAM PHOTO<1.new
Red Stars Girls U/16 at 7:30pm CT6  Vs  Tribe GWG                       >TEAM PHOTO<1.new
Red Stars Boys U/18 at 9:30pm CT2  Vs  SWH Spartans                 >TEAM PHOTO<
Red Stars Girls U/18 at 8:30pm CT2  Vs  Lurch's Scorchers              >TEAM PHOTO<1.new

Good Luck to all Red Stars Teams !!!

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